Havant Sixth Form College


Clubs & Societies

Good grades are important, but they’re not all that universities and employers are looking for. They want outward looking, fully-rounded people who join in, grab opportunities with both hands and really live life to the full. As well as academic subjects, your study programme at Havant Sixth Form College will include enrichment activities. These are designed to broaden your horizons and get you mixing with different people. It will also allow you to discover and develop new interests and talents. 


Join our clubs and societies We offer a range of clubs and societies to get involved with, either as part of your course or as part of a hobby or interest. These include:

The Debating Society: is a focus for controlled and enlivened discussion about contemporary issues very much relevant to students at the College. The Debating society has become a festival of intellectual debate and community humdrum.

The English Department: is proud to foster a wider appreciation and engagement in reading, creative writing and theatre-going. These are shaped by the interests of students, and include visiting speakers, competitions and live streams of Royal Shakespeare Company productions. Our three main societies: - Book Club - Creative Writing Club - Shakespeare Club

The Geography Society: meets weekly in our Independent Learning Area.

The GSA (Gay Straight Alliance): an open and welcoming group who meet weekly to socialise, discuss relevant issues such as sexuality and gender identity and to plan fundraising.

Gender Equality Society: is a group that meets weekly to discuss issues of gender equality and inequality. It is open to all students.

The Christian Union: encourages students of Christian faith to meet on a regular basis to share their thoughts.

The Politics Society: is an opportunity for both politics and non politics students to discuss contemporary political issues and politics in general. This year they have discussed a range of different topical issues. It’s a good way to enrich yourself, as well as looking good on a CV.

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