Havant Sixth Form College

Live performance challenges student’s perception of theatre at Havant Sixth Form College

Worklight Theatre Company were invited to Havant Sixth Form College by Spring Arts Centre and the Drama department on 28 March 2017 to perform their original piece 'Labels'.

Worklight are a theatre company who create work using personal stories which questions the changing world around us. Labels, performed by Joe Sellman-Leava, uses his own personal experience of childhood in 90s Devon to reflect on shifting political landscapes and the global refugee crisis through comedy and storytelling.

The audience, a mixture of students from all areas of Havant Sixth Form College were given the opportunity ask questions to the Company and give their feedback at the end.

A current A Level Drama & Theatre Studies Student from Havant Sixth Form College said:

‘I really loved the use of impressions and impersonations, I felt that it was a really strong way to start the piece and it was re-contextualised throughout. At the beginning people laughed but this soon turned to silence when he was exploring his own experiences the quotes became a lot darker’.

Polly Hadzis, Drama and Theatres Studies lecturer, Havant Sixth Form College said:

‘Theatre is a powerful tool for communication, discussion and change. Thank you to Worklight Theatre Company and the Spring Arts Centre for their wonderful performance of Labels which our students found eye opening, challenging and engaging'.

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