Havant Sixth Form College

A Level English Students Enjoy Digital Media Masterclass from the Royal Navy

Helen Craven, Head of Digital and Creative Content for the Royal Navy, came in to the College to speak to A Level English Language students about her knowledge and experience in working within digital media. Helen leads a team of professional journalists and digital media experts to deliver news and campaign materials across the Royal Navy's online and social media presence. They have launched a new site that has brought a significant increase in page views and users, and social media sharing has radically increased. 


The new Royal Navy website has won many awards including British Interactive Media Award 2014 for best design and build.


The students really enjoyed an insight into the work world of digital media: 


“Helen explained her occupation involving social media, and in detail, enlightened us about the possible dangers of what you post and the subsequent affects,” A Level Student, Matthew Pybus.


"It made the lesson more interesting to have a guest speaker in to discuss what we were learning in a work place context,” A Level Student, Tom Buller.


"Helen was very informative and funny when talking about her job. She taught us a lot of technical jargon involved with her profession, including the term, 'Jackspeak' as well as different uses of similar acronyms like 'SAR' (Search and Rescue in Royal Navy but Self Assessment Report in teaching),"  A Level Student, Megan Baker.

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