Havant Sixth Form College


We have gone Google!

Havant Sixth Form College will be using Google for Education as an integrated digital platform for all your teaching and learning.

From September 2016 we will be using Google for Education as an integrated digital platform for all our teaching and learning.

This exciting use of technology will be embedded throughout the College’s curriculum, equipping you with skills in industry-recognised cloud-based applications for your onward career journey.

We have a vision that every class will benefit from learning through Google Classroom to consolidate their learning; we already know from teachers currently using this technology that high grades will improve immensely. Google for Education apps that are being accessed through Google Classroom include Google Docs and Google Slides which enable collaboration with peers and teachers, students have told us that they really like the immediate feedback. What is better still, Google Drive automatically saves the work in ‘the cloud’ and Google Calendar organises all assignments and provides reminders so work is never late.

Although students are encouraged to bring their own device to access Google for Education, we have chosen Chromebooks, which are available to purchase, as a fantastic multi-functional device to empower you to access Google for Education and become a creator and collaborator of exciting digital content. A Chromebook will enable easy access to our resources, anytime, anywhere!

What is a Chromebook?

A new thought. It IS the web.

You'll enjoy:

  • Ultra fast boot up time - from bag to working in 15 seconds!
  • All your documents, photos, videos, saved in the cloud - Unlimited storage never run out of space. Ever!
  • Super long battery life.
  • Automatic software and virus updates - for life. For free!



Purchase Finance Scheme:

Get your discounted Chromebook now:

As a Havant Sixth Form College student you will have the opportunity to purchase your own Google Chromebook at a low cost through our finance scheme.

Other benefits of the Google Chromebook scheme include:

  • Access to crucial Google apps for learning
  • Monthly payments, including insurance and 2 year warranty 
  • IT Support over the payment period


Watch our video to find out more about how the College is going Google:




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