Havant Sixth Form College

You’ll find lessons at Havant Sixth Form College very different from school. You’ll be responsible for taking your own notes and finding things out for yourself. To prepare you for university or future employment, we are very keen to develop your independent learning skills. To help you with this you will have access to resources like subject seminar rooms, group work spaces and student academic mentoring.

Our Teachers

Our teaching staff are dedicated, experienced professionals. They have high standards and expectations and won’t allow you to ‘coast’. This is a hard-working College with a strong academic culture. However, teachers are very much here to support and guide you. They understand how much your grades matter to you and will go to extraordinary lengths to help you achieve them. If you need advice, guidance or just a friendly ear, they’re always here for you and as this is a more adult environment, you’ll also be on first name terms with College staff.

Moodle and the Personal Learning Plan

Our focus here is on your individual progress. We are passionate about this and pride ourselves in the way we track, monitor and support you in your study of the curriculum, as well as your progress and achievement overall.

Each Havant Sixth Form College student has a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that contains important information about you, for example, attendance by class, homework grades, comments and targets set by you and your teachers, a student planner section, as well as any concerns and commendations teachers would like you to know about. Students, teachers and tutors access this PLP via our virtual learning environment (Moodle) so it can be viewed at home as well as at College, providing a live view of each student’s progress. These are then discussed at Parents’ Consultation Evenings. You will be setting and evaluating your own study targets on your PLP and will be managing your study plan in negotiation with your teachers.




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